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WestFive is a small consulting office based in Kuwait with expertise in human resources, leadership, research, and learning.  We balance academic knowledge with a rich international experience as practitioners. 

We are passionate about what we do, and work to the highest international standards. We are committed to providing our clients with the highest quality advice and service.

With a combined experience of over 50 years, we have a deep understanding of industry and academia, and in the delivery of learning material. We have worked in different parts of the world, and we appreciate the nuances of Kuwait's unique culture.  We work with teams and organisations of different sizes, within different  sectors, and in numerous industries.

One of us always leads the project, and we also work with subject matter experts who offer something special. Quality is always our priority.  Our work in Kuwait is offered under the WestFive name, and is always under our direct supervision.


Strategy Formulation

Our strategic development service encompasses competitive analysis, market positioning, and business model innovation, ensuring that you maintain a competitive edge.


We help you navigate challenges, capitalise on emerging trends, and seize opportunities to thrive in the dynamic business landscape. Trust our expertise to shape your strategic vision and propel your business towards sustainable success.

Change Management

•    Change readiness assessment
•    Stakeholder engagement and communication
•    Organizational culture transformation
•    Training and development programs
•    Leadership coaching and development

Learning and Development

•    Organizational design and restructuring
•    Talent management and succession planning
•    Employee engagement and motivation
•    Performance management systems
•    Diversity and inclusion initiatives

Organisational Development

•    Organizational design and restructuring
•    Talent management and succession planning
•    Employee engagement and motivation
•    Performance management systems
•    Diversity and inclusion initiatives

Project Management

•    Project planning and execution
•    Resource allocation and scheduling
•    Risk assessment and mitigation
•    Quality control and assurance
•    Stakeholder management

Process Optimisation

•    Operational efficiency assessment
•    Workflow analysis and improvement
•    Lean and Six Sigma implementation
•    Performance measurement and KPI development
•    Supply chain optimization

Research and Studies

Qualitative and quantitative research, including survey design, in-depth interviews and focus group facilitation.


We also work on literature reviews, specialised reports, TOR design and concept-note development, and evaluation reports. 

Leadership Coaching

and Mentoring

Kuwait is a country of young aspiring leaders.  We coach leaders with our in-depth knowledge of the latest research in the area of leadership and governance, as well as our experience in working in Kuwait.  Our clients work in the public sector, the oil companies and in private companies.

We offer a one-to-one mentoring programme which provides us with the opportunity to grow with our mentees, and foster a relationship built around an understanding of their ever-changing challenges.  We often find ourselves learning from them as much as they do from us. 


Our pro bono work is with startups, on their strategy and operating models, focussing specifically on HR.  We also offer free coaching and mentoring on management, recruitment, training and project management for SMEs.



Mohammad has over 25  years of international experience in oil & gas, aviation, manufacturing, automation, banking, communication,  government administration and SMEs.

He has worked in Denmark, UK, France, USA and Kuwait covering numerous disciplines including human resources, public relations, sales, marketing, operations, business development and project management.

He has extensive experience in international sales and contract negotiations for multinationals, over large territories with international teams, and often within complex engineering projects. He has extensive management experience in leadership positions both in private and in public sector organisations. 

Mohammad's expertise is in strategy, people and organisations, operations, and leadership development.

For WestFive, Mohammad has worked with various SMEs in developing their feasibility studies and business models

You can connect with Mohammad on on LinkedIn. or send him a message through the Contact section.

Noreen brings over 25  years experience in programme design, development and delivery, spanning social, emotional, and academic development. 


Having qualified from Queen Mary and Westfield College, London and Middlesex University, London, she has held senior lecturer positions at Middlesex University, Portsmouth University and Kingston University London. 

As an accomplished academic, she has presented at numerous international conferences in areas of gender and society, social theory, social problems, family and kinship, interpersonal violence, crime, culture, and diversity. Her research papers and books have been published by Palgrave New York, and MacMillan, London. 


Applying her pedagogic training to skill-based life-long learning

has enabled Noreen to create inspiring environments to facilitate critical thinking, communication, collaboration and cooperation throughout her career.

More on Noreen on LinkedIn.


Noreen Abdullah Khan




WestFive was established in 2018 after doing some consulting work for international companies entering the Kuwait market, providing advisory services to start-ups, and running training workshops for local companies.  Establishing a legal entity became the natural next step for us to grow and to work formally with our partners from the UK.

The name WestFive comes from W5, the post code of Ealing, a leafy west London suburb.  Ealing has been and remains an integral part of our lives since the 1980s.  


If one of us is online , we will reply to your questions on live chat within a short time.


You can also email us or leave us a message through the form and we will get back you.

WestFive Consulting

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Abu Halifa



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